What is DuckSTARTER?

DuckSTARTER is DuckDAO’s public token launchpad, a service platform for blockchain projects.

It will act as the final bridge between early-stage projects and the community before the project goes fully public.

Contributions to DuckStarter projects can be done with USDC

DuckStarter has a unique level system which requires users to lock-in a certain amount of DUCK tokens to participate in the launch platform.

2000 DUCKS
5000 DUCKS
10000 DUCKS
20000 DUCKS
100000 DUCKS

DuckSTARTER is backed by an engaged community and powerful partners

DuckSTARTER is a part of the DuckDAO ecosystem, a collective consisting of thousands of individuals, dedicated builders, and superhuman marketing powers.

The best projects

Carefully vetted, analyzed, and promising blockchain projects.

DUCK Community

The biggest and most engaged community in crypto.

ANTI-BOT Protection

Equipped with proprietary bot prevention technology.

KYC Integration

Fully supports third-party KYC services and provides assistance.

Is your project ready to get launched on DuckSTARTER?